Sleep-on-Exit for Automated Low Power in Cortex-M3 (Explained)

Sleep-on-exit is a feature in Cortex-M3 processors that allows the processor to automatically enter a low power sleep mode when

Eileen David 23 Min Read

Understanding IDCODE values returned by Cortex debug ports

The IDCODE is a 32-bit code that provides details about the device, including the version, manufacturer, and part number. When

David Moore 8 Min Read

Cortex-M3 Memory Access Constraints with Caches and Shared Memory

The Cortex-M3 processor has advanced memory access capabilities through the use of caches and shared memory regions. However, these features

Holly Lindsey 6 Min Read

What is Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) in Arm Cortex-M?

The Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) is a tracing and debugging feature in Arm Cortex-M series processors. It provides a way

David Moore 14 Min Read

Latest Arm

Setting CPU Targets for ARM Compilation with gcc

When compiling code for ARM processors using the gcc toolchain, it is important to set the correct CPU target in

Andrew Irwin 9 Min Read

Cortex-M3 Instruction Prefetching and Branch Prediction (Explained)

The Cortex-M3 CPU implements an instruction prefetch unit and branch prediction unit to improve performance by reducing stalls due to

Jamie Kellett 14 Min Read

Bit Band and Bit Band Alias Areas in Cortex-M3 Memory

The Cortex-M3 processor has a feature called Bit Banding that allows each individual bit in a word of memory to

Graham Kruk 8 Min Read

Debugging capabilities of Cortex-A76 with CoreSight

The Cortex-A76 processor from ARM provides powerful debugging capabilities through the use of CoreSight technology. CoreSight enables real-time access to

Neil Salmon 8 Min Read

SoCs using Cortex-A76 cores (Kirin, Exynos, Snapdragon, etc)

The Cortex-A76 is ARM's latest high-performance CPU core designed for mobile computing. It offers substantial improvements in performance and power

Mike Johnston 8 Min Read

Cortex-M3 Memory Region Types and Attributes

The Cortex-M3 is an ARM processor core designed for microcontroller applications. It has a Von Neumann architecture with separate code

Andrew Irwin 13 Min Read

Cross-Compiling for 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 Cores

Cross-compiling allows you to build code for a target platform different from the build host. For ARM Cortex-M4, this means

David Moore 22 Min Read

Cortex-A76 architecture and specifications (Explained)

The Cortex-A76 is Arm's latest high-performance mobile CPU core designed for greater performance and power efficiency. In this in-depth article,

Neil Salmon 9 Min Read

How fast is Cortex-A76?

The Cortex-A76 CPU core from ARM offers a significant performance boost over previous ARM CPU cores like the Cortex-A73 and

David Moore 16 Min Read
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