What instruction set do Cortex-M processors use?

Cortex-M processors use the Thumb instruction set, which is a compact variant of the ARM instruction set that provides improved

Graham Kruk 7 Min Read

Little Endian Explained

Little endian is a memory architecture where the least significant byte of a word is stored at the smallest memory

Scott Allen 8 Min Read

What are the exceptions in ARM architecture?

The ARM architecture defines a set of exceptions that can occur during program execution. These exceptions, also known as interrupts,

Scott Allen 5 Min Read

What is the frequency of the Cortex-M0 clock?

The Cortex-M0 is an ARM processor core designed for microcontroller applications. It is an extremely low power and area optimized

Javier Massey 13 Min Read
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How is interrupt vector table used?

The interrupt vector table is a key component in ARM Cortex microcontrollers and processors that allows them to respond quickly

Mike Johnston 9 Min Read

Logs/tracing to debug Cortex-M1 application generation failures in Vitis

Debugging application failures when generating projects for Cortex-M1 devices in Vitis can be challenging without proper logging and tracing techniques.

Javier Massey 6 Min Read

What is the difference between Arduino and ARM processor?

The key differences between Arduino and ARM processors come down to architecture, performance, applications, and cost. Arduino is based on

Eileen David 6 Min Read

How do you trigger a hard fault?

A hard fault is an unrecoverable error that occurs during the execution of a program on an ARM Cortex processor.

Holly Lindsey 7 Min Read

ARM Cortex M0 Assembly Instruction Set

The ARM Cortex-M0 is a 32-bit RISC processor optimized for low-power embedded applications. Its assembly instruction set provides basic computational

Graham Kruk 7 Min Read

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Inline assembly in C code for Cortex-M0/M0+

Inline assembly allows inserting assembly language code directly into C/C++ code. This can be useful

bkpt Instruction in ARM

The bkpt instruction in ARM stands for breakpoint. It allows you to halt the execution

What is ARM reset handler?

The reset handler, also known as the reset vector, is the first code that runs

Alternatives to uVision5 for Developing Cortex-M23 Projects

The Cortex-M23 is part of ARM's Cortex-M processor family, designed for microcontroller applications requiring high efficiency in a small physical

Mike Johnston 6 Min Read

Cortex-M3 Memory Region Types and Attributes

The Cortex-M3 is an ARM processor core designed for microcontroller applications. It has a Von Neumann architecture with separate code

Andrew Irwin 13 Min Read

What is the difference between ARM Cortex-A and ARM Cortex-M?

The key differences between ARM Cortex-A and ARM Cortex-M processors come down to their intended use cases. ARM Cortex-A processors

Scott Allen 6 Min Read

What are the features of STM32F407?

The STM32F407 is a high-performance microcontroller from STMicroelectronics based on the ARM Cortex-M4 core. It offers advanced features making it

Elijah Erickson 14 Min Read

armv7 unaligned access

Unaligned access refers to memory access where the data being accessed is not aligned to the natural alignment of the

Javier Massey 8 Min Read

Resolving ld Library and Architecture Errors when Compiling for Cortex-M4

When compiling code for the ARM Cortex-M4 processor, you may encounter linker errors related to incompatible libraries or architecture mismatches.

David Moore 6 Min Read

How and with what tools to check firmware code coverage in RTL simulation phase? ARM Cortex-M0/M0+?

To check firmware code coverage during RTL simulation for ARM Cortex-M0/M0+ cores, the main tools and techniques used are code

Jamie Kellett 7 Min Read

Why is an ISB needed after WFI in Cortex-M FreeRTOS?

An ISB (Instruction Synchronization Barrier) is needed after a WFI (Wait For Interrupt) instruction in Cortex-M based microcontrollers running FreeRTOS

Elijah Erickson 6 Min Read

ARM Cortex-M0 SPI outputting 16bit not 8bit

When configuring the SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) on an ARM Cortex-M0 chip to communicate with an external device, a common

Eileen David 8 Min Read

How fast is the Arm Cortex-M4?

The Arm Cortex-M4 is a 32-bit processor core designed for embedded and IoT applications requiring low power consumption and high

Scott Allen 5 Min Read

What is the difference between the Cortex-M4 and the M7?

The Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M7 are both ARM processor cores designed for embedded and IoT applications. The key differences between them

Ryan Ryan 6 Min Read
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