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Tips on Choosing the Right Cortex Debug Connector

When debugging Cortex-based microcontrollers, having the right debug connector is crucial for efficient and effective debugging. The debug connector provides

Jeday Schwartz 9 Min Read

STR instructions in Arm Cortex-M

The STR (store register) instructions in Arm Cortex-M processors are used to store data from a register to memory. They

Jeday Schwartz 8 Min Read

LDR instructions in Arm Cortex-M

The LDR (LoaD Register) instructions in ARM Cortex-M are used to load data from memory into a register. The Cortex-M

Jeday Schwartz 7 Min Read

When to Use Intrinsics vs Assembler for Math Functions on Cortex-M4?

When programming for the Cortex-M4 chip, developers have a choice between using compiler intrinsics or handwritten assembly language for implementing

Jeday Schwartz 11 Min Read

What is a fault exception in the ARM Cortex-M?

A fault exception in the ARM Cortex-M is an unexpected event that occurs during program execution which transfers control to

Jeday Schwartz 10 Min Read

Switching from MSP to PSP for Cortex-M Task Switching

Task switching on Cortex-M microcontrollers can be done using either the Main Stack Pointer (MSP) or Process Stack Pointer (PSP).

Jeday Schwartz 8 Min Read

Syntax for inline assembly operands in GCC

The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) provides an inline assembler that allows embedding assembly language code into C and C++ programs.

Jeday Schwartz 9 Min Read

Are ARM processors more powerful?

ARM processors have become increasingly popular in recent years, powering many of the world's smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Jeday Schwartz 6 Min Read

What are the disadvantages of ARM processors?

ARM processors have become ubiquitous in mobile devices and embedded systems. Their low power consumption and customized designs for specific

Jeday Schwartz 9 Min Read

Why is ARM lower power than x86?

ARM processors are generally known for being more power efficient than x86 processors from Intel and AMD. There are several

Jeday Schwartz 6 Min Read

What is the history of ARM microcontroller?

ARM microcontrollers have become ubiquitous in embedded systems and IoT devices. Their low cost, low power consumption, and performance have

Jeday Schwartz 9 Min Read

When was ARM microcontroller invented?

The ARM microcontroller was first invented in the mid 1980s by Acorn Computers Ltd in Cambridge, England. The original aim

Jeday Schwartz 8 Min Read
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