Sleep-on-Exit for Automated Low Power in Cortex-M3 (Explained)

Sleep-on-exit is a feature in Cortex-M3 processors that allows the processor to automatically enter a low power sleep mode when

Eileen David 23 Min Read

Understanding IDCODE values returned by Cortex debug ports

The IDCODE is a 32-bit code that provides details about the device, including the version, manufacturer, and part number. When

David Moore 8 Min Read

Cortex-M3 Memory Access Constraints with Caches and Shared Memory

The Cortex-M3 processor has advanced memory access capabilities through the use of caches and shared memory regions. However, these features

Holly Lindsey 6 Min Read

What is Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) in Arm Cortex-M?

The Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) is a tracing and debugging feature in Arm Cortex-M series processors. It provides a way

David Moore 14 Min Read

Latest Arm

What are the advantages of Cortex-M?

Cortex-M microcontrollers offer many advantages that make them a popular choice for embedded systems and IoT applications. Here is an

Jeday Schwartz 9 Min Read

What is the difference between ARM Cortex-R and M series?

The main differences between ARM Cortex-R and M series processors are that Cortex-R is designed for real-time applications requiring high

Jeday Schwartz 5 Min Read

Is the Cortex-M ARMv8?

The Cortex-M processor series from ARM is one of the most popular choices for embedded and IoT applications. With its

Jeday Schwartz 6 Min Read

What Is the Architecture of the Arm Cortex-M3?

The Arm Cortex-M3 is a 32-bit processor core designed for embedded and low-power applications. It is based on the Armv7-M

Jeday Schwartz 7 Min Read

What Is the M Profile of the Arm Cortex?

The M profile refers to one of three privilege levels in the Arm Cortex-A series of application processors. It provides

Jeday Schwartz 5 Min Read

What Is the Architecture of the ARM Cortex-M Series?

The ARM Cortex-M series is a range of 32-bit RISC ARM processor cores licensed by Arm Holdings. Cortex-M cores are

Jeday Schwartz 10 Min Read

What Is the Difference Between Arm Cortex-M4 and M33?

The key differences between Arm Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M33 microcontrollers are in their architecture, features, and intended use cases. Cortex-M4 is

Jeday Schwartz 12 Min Read

What Is the Best Arm Cortex?

When it comes to choosing the best Arm Cortex processor, there are a few key factors to consider. The Cortex

Jeday Schwartz 8 Min Read

What Is the Difference Between Arm Cortex A and M?

Arm processors are designed by Arm Holdings and licensed to other companies to manufacture. The Cortex series includes the Cortex-A

Jeday Schwartz 6 Min Read
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